Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dream Remembered

Thus the drowning
of my fish-being wish:

During the night
malicious fish
pulled me into the deep

At first their dark forms
embodied no menace
helpless in the way
the lumped above the water
giant blobs of pitch black butter
they would not melt
inside this mouth

Thus the suffocation
of my earth-braving birth:

Listen to their curious noises
with the sea note
in my stomach

laughter wails yawning

the fish are calling
summoning the sudden move
from the shadow of the shadow
that particular lunge
from utter blackness
the forward pitch

and waking in water
trailing bubbles
there's no need to breathe
when you're cloaked in life
they bare their vicious teeth
and unlock the glow
in unholy eyes
the journey alters me
i have grown gills
i think
the phosphorous light licks at the ice
this is electronic music
these are my fins
sinking to a new low
i take the bait

Thus the demise
of my flying dreams of dying:

wings are of no use to the water bound
i take my lessons from malicious fish
thus my wish
my birth
my death
this is a dream
i remember it now

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